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Godske Awnings Storage ServicesStorage Services

Awnings can dramatically enhance the curb appeal of your home. However, it's not worth keeping your awnings up over the winter as ice storms and heavy snow can severely compromise the integrity of your canopies. Our team of professionals will store and maintain your awnings and canopies over the winter so they remain in the best condition for next spring.


Cleaning Service

Godske Awnings - Cleaning Services

Depending on your area and where you have your awnings and canopies installed, they can become quite soiled throughout the year. We can clean your awnings, canopies, and other outdoor fabric items, making them look just like new once again. And because we want to keep your awnings looking beautiful, we also re-apply protective coatings to keep the dirt and grime at bay. We do brush cleaning, power washing, and re-sealing of the factory water repellence of your fabric.


Winter Maintenance

In order to enjoy your awnings for years to come, we inspect your units and make any necessary repairs throughout the winter months. At Godske Awning & Textiles, Inc., we offer dependable awning storage and re-installation service - many of the repairs and cleaning services we offer can be done while your awnings are in storage! We then thoroughly clean and repair them before re-installing them on your property in the spring.